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AddNews is an online news platform where people from around the world can share their news. Our goal is to help everyone's voice be heard.

Features offered by AddNews include news sharing, commenting, and voting. Our platform covers all kinds of news, such as politics, technology, sports, art, health, travel, and many more.

The mission of AddNews is to increase the diversity of news worldwide and enable the expression of different viewpoints. What matters most to us is that everyone can express their thoughts freely.

If you want to share your news, discover new stories, and learn about different perspectives, AddNews is the perfect platform for you.

AddNews's core values include objectivity, accuracy, impartiality, respect, and freedom. All users are expected to respect these values and behave appropriately on our platform.

Our platform requires users to follow certain rules when sharing news. It is important for the sustainability and safety of our platform that news is accurate, up-to-date, does not harm others, does not contain hate speech, and respects copyright laws.

AddNews also places great importance on protecting the privacy of our users' personal data. Users' data is protected in accordance with our privacy policy and is not shared with third parties.

AddNews is a news platform where people from around the world can make their voices heard and express different viewpoints. Our top priority is to provide a safe and free environment for our users to share news by respecting fundamental values such as objectivity, accuracy, and impartiality.