Donald Trump denies ever knowing rape accuser E Jean Carroll
Donald Trump denies ever knowing rape accuser E Jean Carroll
In a Manhattan court on Thursday, a video deposition of former President Donald Trump was played in the ongoing lawsuit brought against him by writer E Jean Carroll, who has accused him of rape. In the deposition, Trump denied ever knowing Carroll.

E Jean Carroll, who is 79 years old, has accused Donald Trump, aged 76, of sexually assaulting her in a New York City department store during the mid-1990s.

Despite the civil trial entering its second week, Donald Trump, who has consistently denied the accusation, has not appeared in court for the lawsuit filed against him by E Jean Carroll.

In response to questions from reporters, he stated that he may end his current golf trip to Ireland early in order to "confront" E Jean Carroll in New York.

Donald Trump has refuted E Jean Carroll's accusation, stating that it is "totally false" and "fake." Speaking to reporters, he mentioned that he may cut short his golf trip to Ireland to address the matter.

During the ongoing civil trial, the nine-member jury was shown a confrontational video deposition from October between former President Donald Trump and Roberta Kaplan, one of E Jean Carroll's lawyers.

Donald Trump maintained his strong denial of E Jean Carroll's allegation that he sexually assaulted her in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room in Manhattan, stating that he did not even know her.

During the video deposition, Donald Trump dismissed E Jean Carroll's accusation and stated that if the alleged assault had occurred, it would have been reported immediately as the department store was "very busy" and others would have heard it.

Following several days of emotional and detailed testimony from E Jean Carroll, her legal team is expected to conclude their case later on Thursday. Ms Carroll had told the jury that the alleged attack had left her "unable to ever have a romantic life again."

During the trial, E Jean Carroll's friend Lisa Birnbach provided supporting testimony, stating that she had received a call from Ms Carroll minutes after the alleged rape had occurred.

As part of E Jean Carroll's legal team's case, two other women, Jessica Leeds and Natasha Stoynoff, were called to testify about alleged sexual assaults by Donald Trump, which he has denied.

Donald Trump's statement regarding his potential return to New York comes in contrast to his lawyer Joseph Tacopina's earlier remarks in court, where he stated that Mr Trump would not be testifying in the trial and that no witnesses would be called to testify on his behalf.

E Jean Carroll, a former Elle magazine columnist, was able to file a civil lawsuit against Donald Trump due to the passage of the Adult Survivors Act by the state of New York in 2022.

The Adult Survivors Act, passed in 2022 in the state of New York, provided a one-year window for victims of sexual assault to file lawsuits that would have otherwise been barred by the statute of limitations. This allowed E Jean Carroll to bring her civil case against Donald Trump for an alleged assault that reportedly occurred in the mid-1990s.

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