Protests Demanding the Release of Abductees in Israel
Protests Demanding the Release of Abductees in Israel
In Israel, a series of protest demonstrations have been organized to demand the release of abductees. These protests are taking place in various regions and are organized by different groups, including the families and supporters of those who have been abducted.

Protests Demanding the Release of Abductees in Israel

Kaplan Street Protest

The demonstration on Kaplan Street was organized by protest groups opposing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the government. Demonstrators demanded the immediate release of the abductees and called for Netanyahu's resignation, as well as a prisoner exchange.

Kriya Base Protest

The protest in front of the Kriya Base was organized by the families of the abductees. Protesters alternately blocked the eastern side of Kaplan with yellow ribbons tied to cars, which is an international symbol for the release of prisoners of war or abductees. Slogans like "Bibi, come home" and "Bibi, answer us" were chanted during the demonstration.

Book Square Protest

A demonstration held in Haifa's Book Square was organized by "Haam Ha'am Haifa" activists. Similar protests demanding the return of the abductees also took place in Kiryat Tivon. Activists gathered in front of Minister Nir Barkat's home in Jerusalem and read the names of the abductees and missing persons.

Presidential Residence Protest

Another protest will take place in front of the Presidential Residence in Jerusalem tonight from 8:30 PM to 6:30 AM during President Yitzhak Herzog's meeting with the families of the abductees.

Nationwide Vigils

Starting at 5:00 PM tonight and continuing throughout the week, nationwide vigils will be held under the slogan "Now, exchange the captives - do not leave the abductees alone."

The demand for the release of the abductees has gained widespread support across Israel, and protests held in different regions are being used as a means to voice this demand and draw attention to the issue. As the events continue to unfold, it remains to be seen how the Israeli government and other relevant parties will respond.

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